Mom, I’m Not a Kid Anymore

Navigating 25 Inevitable Conversations That Arrive Before You Know It

A mother’s spot-on account of tackling her daughter’s tough questions during her formative preteen years

Parenting a preteen can be a bit like trudging up a dune in the Mojave. Just when you think you’re on firm ground, the sands slip. Maybe your twelve-year-old jumped in the car and confided that she got her first period, or your thirteen-year-old just asked, “Have you ever smoked marijuana?” In Mom, I’m Not a Kid Anymore, Sue Sanders shares twenty-five essays about such conversations with her now fourteen-year-old daughter, on topics that all parents face but not many are prepared to tackle.

Preteens are suddenly old enough to form their own opinions—but still young enough to care about yours, which makes Sanders’s startlingly honest accounts so valuable. From doling out advice on dealing with a mean girl (alongside her own middle school memories) to other conversations that go beyond “the talk,” Sanders recounts these teachable moments for readers who are grappling with how they will answer the same questions. By trusting their gut, answering honestly, holding onto their sense of humor, and recognizing that everyone carries a bit of their past into their kids’ present, readers can lay a strong foundation through genuine communication—one that can withstand the seismic force of the adolescent eye-roll.

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Author of Mom, I'm Not a Kid Anymore